I'm Care...

My life has not always gone the way I wanted it to, but God has always put me where I needed to be. I have two children of whom I am equally proud. I miss the babies they were, and embrace the adults they've become.
I love the aspen trees of the Rockies and listening to the breeze tickle their leaves in the fall; watching the twisting, turning dance from limb to earth.
I love the structured monuments; the architecture of the Chicagoscape.
I love the vibration of the city that hums in your heart walking onto the streets of the city.
I love balloons and the hiss of the air that fuels them as they take flight along the front range; dipping soaring effortless.
I am a product of the 60's, I've taken full advantage of the 70's, matured in the 80's, cut the fat out of my life in the 90's and have been embracing life ever since.
I've learned what it means to be a friend and found that reciprocation in a few.
I am no one's judge. I live my life with guided steps and with the values instilled in me and pray my childrens foundations are rock solid to see them through this amazing journey.

A few years ago I was looking to replace a source of joy for me when I happened upon a radio opportunity.  It's been rock and roll, songwriters, comicons and heaven ever since.  Every Friday night my show airs 8-10 PM CST world wide on KZSM Streaming Radio. I have an encore time on Saturday mornings at 9 AM CST so if you're out living life on the weeknight wind down then you can turn me on when you wake up and we can share the morning together while you kick out some household chores.

I am on a C R A Z Y ride through life, and I thought it would be easier to bring you with me than to try to put into words.... how incredible this journey is becoming.

I'm building a site that will be one stop shopping (so to speak). One place to see whats coming, who's playing where, venue as well as music reviews... An extension of my Friday Night with Care radio show.  I'll post audio clips, interviews and recorded video.

Check out KZSM.org for our 24 hour programming -

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What you can expect from my show is some kick ass music. Tried and trues from Bowie to Floyd to PINK to Little Big Town. Seriously I play what I like, and I like it ALL!

I feature "Home Grown" artists.  I want to introduce you to some new bands and music so I will invite the artists into the studio to play for you LIVE right in your living room! I FB stream the sets, and as a new feature to this website - I will be videoing the sets as well and will have a place on here for them.  While they're in the studio, we chat, they play and we have a lot of fun. 

I also get invited and participate with all kinds of fun things. Music Festivals, and such.  I will post interviews, reviews on music, shows and various experiences as well as any audio/video I take.

Handle With Care Interviews / Podcasts

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Henry Winkler advice on Following Dreams

Friday Night With Care

10/16/19 Segment of interview with Friday Night with Care. Henry Winkler talks about following your dream... If you think this is good... just wait. The Interview in it's entirety will be posted shortly.

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Previous events

Date Event Location
Cory Morrow Go Wheels Up San Marcos Regional Airport, San Marcos San Marcos Regional Airport, San Marcos
Cory Morrow Go Wheels Up San Marcos Regional Airport, San Marcos San Marcos Regional Airport, San Marcos
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Rose Cousins Interview fridaynightwithcare.com, San Marcos fridaynightwithcare.com, San Marcos
FNWC Melissa Engleman KZSM Studio, San Marcos KZSM Studio, San Marcos
FNWC American Dreamer KZSM.ORG Studio KZSM.ORG Studio
FNWC American Dreamer KZSM Studio, San Marcos KZSM Studio, San Marcos
Friday Night With Care @ White Horse with David Touchton and The Merles Join me! White Horse, Austin White Horse, Austin
FNWC Christmas Show KZSM.ORG Studio KZSM.ORG Studio
Interview with David Archuleta fridaynightwithcare.com fridaynightwithcare.com
Interview with Jeff Coffey fridaynightwithcare.com fridaynightwithcare.com
FNWC Scott Collins KZSM.ORG Studio KZSM.ORG Studio
Friday Night With Care Texas Music Scene - The Marc, San Marcos Texas Music Scene - The Marc, San Marcos
Mercy Me - Imagination Nation Tour HEB Center, Cedar Park HEB Center, Cedar Park
FNWC Shawn Hart KZSM.ORG Studio KZSM.ORG Studio
Wizard World Comic Con Austin Convention Center, Austin Austin Convention Center, Austin
Haute Mess Fest Haute Spot, Cedar Park Haute Spot, Cedar Park
Wizard World Comic Con Austin Convention Center, Austin Austin Convention Center, Austin

Reviews on the Experience...

Texas Music Scene

My Time Spent On Set

I have to say the experience didn't start off on a positive note. Someone hit my car as I sat waiting for the car ahead of me to move. (The blemish is almost imperceptible and wasn't worth the time to exchange insurance information much less the hassle of actually trying to get the insurance to accept responsibility for the repair of it!)

The Assistant Director, Tom Hoitsma, answered my text with an open door and I entered into a different, grinding kind of world.  Behind the curtain of The Texas Music Scene.The crew were loading in Bonnie Bishops gear. Tom explained they'd been there since 10AM, in from Dallas for the day. Lights, camera's just waiting for the action!

A sprite of a woman wearing  a long backless country dress accentuated by the cowboy hat and pointed boots danced in and threw her arms around Jen Haley at the bar. Two old friends saying Hey! and sharing some supportive love.

Bonnie was directed upstairs where the crew waited to film her interview. Tom said I could go up and listen in, but asked that I refrain from taking any pictures. (You can see my compliance under "photos".)

It was fun listening in like a sneaky kid listening for the ho ho ho's on Christmas eve.  I admired the interview style and prompting questions.  That's the secret to a good interview.  Get them talking, and just be quiet and listen.

I enjoyed hearing the back stories about the songs she was going to be performing, you will too when the episode airs.

The afternoon progressed rapidly. Filming with Bonnie and her band wrapped and then Stoney came in followed by Josh Weathers.

By the time the doors were opened to the concert go-ers we were all ready! Bonnie had only been on site for her closed set filming. The show was all about Josh and Stoney.

Attendance was light so all were ushered to the stage front to "fill the space", while keeping the equipment gated to avoid mishap.  Josh was a surprise. A very NICE one. He has that Americana Funk vibe and a range that can make you cry tears of OMG YES!

Please, check out his cover of, "I will always love you". Goosebumps y'all.

The last shot of the night was Stoney, and after he put a few people in the front row in what he considered their place, the rest of the evening went without a hitch.

By the time filming ended, this chick was ready to go back to the coop and kick it. The party went on at the Marc though as the crew took down all the equipment and opened the floor up fully for the patrons that stayed.

I've extended the offer to be on my show to Mr. Weathers who indicated he'd like to work that out.  Will see and will keep you informed!

Stay tuned y'all. Life is like the ocean - perpetual  motion!


BASS Concert hall

To see Criss Angel live has been a bucklist item of mine for years.  Avid fan of Mind Freak, appreciation of his physique, dedication and obvious perfectionism I jumped at the opportunity to see him when he came to Austin with his RAW tour.

Anticipation was great with high expectations and I left somewhat disappointed.  I left searching for the reason of that negative reaction. 

I love Criss. I respect him all the more now that he is married and a father in his own right.

I finally realized that my expectation for this incredible show was set too high for a traveling show.  Where I'd watched the edited condensed version of Mind Freak - televised.  Heard stories of the excellence in Las Vegas - I was anxious to see some levitating, wall walking new age throw down.. Instead I got a mock up of an interior night club where by the policies of clear hand bags totally threw off his act, what is a magician without the curtain? The most impressive act was when he popped up in front of me unnoticed, in a chair in the audience.  That was a head scratcher. 

My take away for this show is this - I'm still heading to Vegas for no other reason than to see him in all his glory versus this watered down version of a highly talented entertainer. 

Meeting him after the show and getting his pic was better than the ticketed performance. Something about that magnificent man in Cookie Monster Jammie pants... mHmmm.


Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival 

Any other day on the calendar in Dripping Springs would find this spot on the map a quaint, charming Sunday drive through.  Maybe explore a couple streets to the north, a couple streets to the south.  Stop at the DQ for a blizzard and then keep traveling towards Austin or Johnson City. 

Not this day, not this weekend. October 18-20th 2019 Mercer Street was THE spot on the map to be.. but not for just anyone.  

Much like a connoisseur swirling a glass of fine wine, this music festival of story tellers is to be savored.  This is a space and time of relationship making, genre bridging, a regular story sharing reunion.  Once you've been, you are in for for the long run. You wonder why you've never been and can't imagine not going back. 

The difference between this festival and others is the songwriters experience.  The entire 3-days of music is designed around that of the musicians who perform.  Each venue that hosts the artists becomes a listening room.  There is no talking during the performances, to do so is not only distracting, but disrespectful.  It is preferred that you don't outwardly be recording or filming the stage activity. To do so may cause an artist to become flustered or self conscious. 

Numerous businesses host a stage and viewing area.  It's rain or shine. I have to say, last year I got soaked, and happily did so.  This year, I fried. It isn't about my comfort.  It's about absorbing the experience, becoming one with the music and letting it fill your soul. It's a free high. 

Households put up the visiting artists that travel from down the street to across the ocean. Businesses sponsor their meals.  The town embraces this event, rolls out the carpet and closes the street.  Guests are treated to a respite from the work week, the daily grind.  Merchandise that funds the authors travel to and from the event is for sale in one location on the street as well as various mementos of the festival itself.  If all this isn't amazing enough, the artists that are selected to play this gig all sign the banner as well as a guitar. Both are raffled off and the money donated to the charity, Kids In A New Groove.

This was the 6th year for this incredible event, my 3rd.  I wait all year for this weekend to be able to embrace friends from other places and share this common experience.  To quote Nashville artist Chris Moyse, "This is what we have. This is what we do" as he gives me a hug.  Every year, this is what we have. Check out their website, as well as the write ups here.

Laurie and Jim Halfpenny along with Dave Niemeyer are founders of the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival and have every reason to be proud of this event! I love the experience and the opportunity to meet these amazing artists. 45 this year. Intimate environment, camaraderie, relationships formed and solidified, shared stories.  It doesn't get better than this. Oh, and this background picture...?  This is Austin artist Scott Collins doing a bucket list item trust fall. He never missed a beat.

Wizard World Comic Con Austin TX

This was my 3rd Wizard World Comic-Con and I have to say I looked forward to this one in a way I'd not the others.  I'd waited weeks for the opportunity to meet the Fonz, aka Henry Winkler and it was finally here.

The meeting with Henry was unprecendented. He was everything I'd hoped he was in person. Genuine, entertaining, inspiring, he spoke eloquently on his upbringing, his hardships. He spoke about a difficult childhood, and gave encouraging words for those who had big dreams. 

The comic con itself though, appeared to have diminished in size. Notably missing were the Star Wars vendors as well as several others.  The light sabre crew were present and awe inspiring, yet looking around,  very few people were actually costumed.

I personally had one of the best times, but mostly because I got to meet a man who has come to mean a lot to me.  There were celebrities, all selling their time, their ink, their images...  there were some costumed creations and I always love when enthusiasts meet and greet each other.  Its like a special secret handshake that happens between them.

I thank the Wizard World staff and vendors for all their hard work... and am believing that it will be even bigger and better in 2020! I'll be sure to let you know - stay tuned!

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