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My life has not always gone the way I wanted it to, but God has always put me where I needed to be. I have two children of whom I am equally proud. I miss the babies they were, and embrace the adults they've become.
I love the aspen trees of the Rockies and listening to the breeze tickle their leaves in the fall; watching the twisting, turning dance from limb to earth.
I love the structured monuments; the architecture of the Chicagoscape.
I love the vibration of the city that hums in your heart walking onto the streets of the city.
I love balloons and the hiss of the air that fuels them as they take flight along the front range; dipping soaring effortless.
I am a product of the 60's, I've taken full advantage of the 70's, matured in the 80's, cut the fat out of my life in the 90's and have been embracing life ever since.
I've learned what it means to be a friend and found that reciprocation in a few.
I am no one's judge. I live my life with guided steps and with the values instilled in me and pray my childrens foundations are rock solid to see them through this amazing journey.

A few years ago I was looking to replace a source of joy for me when I happened upon a radio opportunity.  It's been rock and roll, songwriters, comicons and heaven ever since.  Every Friday night my show airs 8-10 PM CST world wide on KZSM Streaming Radio. I have an encore time on Saturday mornings at 9 AM CST so if you're out living life on the weeknight wind down then you can turn me on when you wake up and we can share the morning together while you kick out some household chores.

I am on a C R A Z Y ride through life, and I thought it would be easier to bring you with me than to try to put into words.... how incredible this journey is becoming.

I'm building a site that will be one stop shopping (so to speak). One place to see whats coming, who's playing where, venue as well as music reviews... An extension of my Friday Night with Care radio show.  I'll post audio clips, interviews and recorded video.

Check out KZSM.org for our 24 hour programming -

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What you can expect from my show is some kick ass music. Tried and trues from Bowie to Floyd to PINK to Little Big Town. Seriously I play what I like, and I like it ALL!

I feature "Home Grown" artists.  I want to introduce you to some new bands and music so I will invite the artists into the studio to play for you LIVE right in your living room! I FB stream the sets, and as a new feature to this website - I will be videoing the sets as well and will have a place on here for them.  While they're in the studio, we chat, they play and we have a lot of fun. 

I also get invited and participate with all kinds of fun things. Music Festivals, and such.  I will post interviews, reviews on music, shows and various experiences as well as any audio/video I take.

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